Top 100 tools for learning 2011

 Another year has flown by and again  Jane Hart has published the top 100 list of tools for learning.

Jane Hart has, since 2007, been building an annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide.  She has asked learning professionals worldwide (e.g. teacher, academic, trainer, consultant, developer, practitioner, analyst, etc) and active in the field of e-learning, to put down their choices.

This the 5th Annual Survey of Learning Tools that are compiled from suggestions of 531 learning professionals. You have to nominate your top 10 tools and that is very difficult to do. The list was finalised on 13 November 2011. 

You can look at the Winner and Losers page showing the tools that have gone up and down the list or fallen off it completely or are new entrants this year.

I always find the results interesting, especially seeing the changes, what is up and what has gone down, what I use and what is new to me. Twitter, YouTube, GoogleDocs, Skype and WordPress are the top 5. I use 4 of these a lot with Skype being the one that I don’t use.  It is interesting the TedTalks is a first time entry and comes in at 30 with the only other new entrant coming in higher being Google+ and this almost doesn’t count with so many using Google before – yes I know it is different but I think taps into the whole Google suite and therefore has a head start. I find TedTalks a fantastic source of inspiration and a great way to add to my professional development way to

You can find out further information and the site address with links from her pages if you decide you want to investigate further.

Another list I like is the one called the “Best of breed” list that divides the tools into types.

Have a look and see what you like and if you agree. It is a very hard thing to limit your choices to a top 10 so you may find you don’t agree with all but it certainly creates some debate as well as a new awareness.

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