Some new visual guides for using Twitter

I am amazed at how many of me colleagues still don’t understand Twitter and how it can be used to assist with student learning as well as form part of their own professional learning toolkit.

Lately I have had to explain, in a few forums, why I use twitter myself. I don’t know how I would not use it. My Tweetdeck is always running and I have certain people I follow closely as well a number of hashtags I also follow. I have also found it invaluable in following conferences. If I can’t be there, then at least I can keep up with some of the discussions that are happening. I have been tweeted a lot of great quotes and links over the past few years.

Toady I found 3 more useful Twitter resources. The first two of these are from the wonderful by Sylvia Rosenthal Tolesano (@Langwitches) explaining how Twitter can be useful in helping students learn and gain skills .

The first is an image from a great series of hers  It’s NOT about the Tools. It’s About the Skills and is called simply “Twitter in the Classroom”

The second is a series of images that show how to approach using the social media tool, Twitter in k-8 classrooms. These would be great to have up around a classroom. They explain the essentials of ‘ educational tweeting’ in a very visually pleasing, clearly set out and simply portrayed way. I have embedded the guide below for you to have a look at.

The third reference to Twitter today was a post entitled The complete guide to Twitter’s language and acronyms. How the list could be the “complete” guide may questionable but it was a good attempt to explain how users have tried to fit in as much information as they could into 140 characters.


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