More thoughts on book formats.

The holiday are almost over. I have bought books for school, both in print and digital, and have even listened to a couple of audiobooks as I have driven around the state.

I have bought books for my niece and nephews, including the newest Graeme Base picture book. My niece has loved his books since I gave her a signed copy of an earlier book. He has become her favourite  artist so much so that she did her research piece in her art subject on him. She is only in grade 2 but takes all these things very seriously. I love seeing her share her books with her little brothers and her friends. Graeme Base’s books are great for sharing experiences as they have the puzzle element that  just begs for sharing the experience.

I, on the other hand, have only read from my kindle when reading personally. It is just so easy to carry with me and to get a follow-up book in a series when no bookshop is around. I still read paper version books but these holidays it has been e-books. It does not have to be either/or but just what is easiest/convenient at the time.

Below is another infographic that compares the different formats.

Books vs E-Books

Browse more infographics.

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