Twitter Commandments

I went to see the wonderful work that our VCE arts students have created this year in our end-of-year exhibition and ended up talking about Twitter with one of our IT guys at school. We were discussing a number of ideas and in particular why so many people who should know better get caught out by thinking that they are somehow having private conversations when they tweet. I went back to my office and found that Joyce Valenza has scooped up this image from Flickr. I had to download it and will use it as a poster with some classes in the next few weeks. There have been other lists that talk about “The 10 commandments” but I like this one. The authors are not dogmatic and but suggest that the Twittersphere should be about respect, tolerance and freedom.

In case you want to know what they are:
  1. Thou shalt not patronize others
  2. Thou shalt not debate sectarians
  3. Thou shalt respect the freedom pf speech
  4. Thou shalt not applaud sexist, racist,homophobic and other discriminatory statements
  5. Thou shalt not demand answers to your queries
  6. Thou shalt not demand RTs
  7. Thou shalt not judge others’ Twitter style
  8. Thou shalt not copy other people’s contents
  9. Thou shalt not spam
  10. Thou shalt not spread rumours

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