Who is using using smartphones and why?

I have attended two professional development days in the last two weeks. I will post about the SLAV conference in the next few days.

I also like to observe people and it has been quite fascinating to watch how many colleagues, present at these Professional Development days, can’t wait to get to their phones when the opportunity presents itself. Yesterday’s SLAV conference encouraged attendees to use technology to comment on the information discussed by the presenters on TodaysMeet and on Twitter with the tag #slavconf, during the sessions.

The earlier PD day was about building a Performance and Development Culture and was attended by leadership teams from a number of Catholic Schools. It was the 3rd day of a series of 4 and technology was not used by attendees during the day.

I am bemused because most schools try to stop their students from having any access to their mobile phones whilst they are school.  If teachers/school leaders can’t wait to check messages, why are we all so dismissive of our students perceived need to stay in touch with their world.

I know there are valid points about usage but when I hear some of the comments and conversations about students and phones, I can’t help but see that there are some anomalies in what is being said and what is being done by the adults.

I like the infographic below that tries to explain how ubiquitous smartphones are in our daily lives.


Smartphone Mobile App Usage by[x]cubeLABS


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