CBCA shortlist 2013 and the older readers list links

Congratulations to everyone who was connected to the short list this year, writers, publishers and of course the judges. The judges have such a difficult job to whittle down the long list to the short list. As always, there will be discussion with my colleagues about what was left out and their personal favourites. We have many of the titles on this years shortlist but a few did not make it to our shelves as we try to cater for our clientele and not break our budget. This year we had only one of the picture books,  A Day to Remember by  Mark Wilson and text by Jackie French, and none of the Eve Pownell shortlisted books.

Older Readers Short List 2013 (These books are for mature readers)

  • Grant, Neil The Ink Bridge (Allen & Unwin)
    • Neil Grant has written a YA novel that tackles the very divisive political issue of asylum seekers whilst still delivering a story with enough action and suspense for our boys to enjoy the tale without losing poignancy
    • Teacher reviews  here and teaching notes also available from Allen & Unwin site.
  • Lanagan, Margo Sea Hearts (Allen & Unwin)
    • This is the one book in this part of the list I have not read and we do not have in our library.
    • Reading groups guide, notes for teachers PDF and reviews by teachers PDF are also available from Allen and Unwin site.. Interestingly it is called The Brides of Rollrock Island for the US market
  • MacLeod, Doug The Shiny Guys (Penguin Group)
    • An engrossing and affecting story on another serious subject, depression. Colin is a 15-year-old boy who, after a very traumatic event, is hospitalised. He exists in a world where fantasy and reality merge in his mind. Some of the other patients offer him friendship and are part of the lighter aspects in the story. Although not a comedic novel there are many touches of dark humour.
    • You can read more about this book on the Goodreads reviews page, the ReadAlert (SLV) site and a page on The Wheeler Center also discusses the novel.
  • Touchell, Dianne Creepy & Maud (Fremantle Press) I have yet to read this and it must now be on my to-read list.
    • Teaching notes PDF is available and there are quite a few reviews on Goodreads
  • Wakefield, Vikki Friday Brown (Text Publishing)
    • This story has many fascinating characters and very tangled relationships. Having lost her mother, seventeen-year-old Friday goes on the run and falls in with a band of street children who are led by an unpredictable but charismatic young woman called Arden. She running to escape her memories but throughout the book, Friday remains haunted by the ghost of her recently dead mother, and also the  family curse; a history of drowning.  Things don’t go well and Friday is lost, alone and afraid.
    • Teaching notes PDF is available. There is also an article you can read on the Readings site where Vikki Wakefield talks about the process of writing Friday Brown.
  • Zail, Suzy The Wrong Boy (Black Dog Books, Walker Books Australia)
    • Suzy Zail is an Australian-born author and daughter of a Holocaust survivor. She writes this her first fictional story in the first person. Hanna Mendel, is a 15-year-old girl living with her older sister Erika and her parents in the Debrecen Jewish ghetto in Hungary.  She is a good student and talented pianist who has always behaved appropriately. Her world changes when the Nazis arrive to announce that the ghetto is closing and the family will be “resettled”. After a long train journey in a cattle car they end up in the camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. There are examples of many survival strategies throughout the story and it quickly becomes evident that there are no longer any simple solutions or simple judgements in Hanna’s life. The characters are flawed and changeable, not simply good or evil but often a mixture of both. There is also a romance that blossoms between Hanna and the camp Captain’s son, Karl.  He does not seem to be like his Father and sees more to Hana than her Jewish heritage. Her mother and sister do not fare well but this is the story of Hanna. She may be a naïve teenager  but she is determined to survive. The end of the book leaves an opening for a further story.
    • Classroom Ideas PDF is available from the publishers sites and there are Reviews on the Insideadog site and Goodreads

Younger Readers Short List 2013 (Intended for independent younger readers.)

  • French, Jackie Pennies for Hitler (Angus & Robertson, HarperCollins)
  • French, Simon Other Brother (Walker Books Australia)
  • Gleitzman, Morris After (Viking Books, Penguin Group (Australia))
  • Hartnett, Sonya Children of the King (Viking Books, Penguin Group (Australia))
  • Herrick, Steven Pookie Aleera is Not my Boyfriend (University of Queensland Press
  • Millard, Glenda & Stephen Michael King The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk (HarperCollins)

Early Childhood Short List 2013 (Intended for children in the pre-reading to early reading stages.)

  • Allen, Emma, Ill. Freya Blackwood The Terrible Suitcase (Omnibus Books, Scholastic Australia)
  • Cox, Tania   Ill. Karen Blair With Nan (Windy Hollow Books)
  • DeGennaro, Sue The Pros & Cons of Being a Frog (Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia)
  • Dubosarsky, Ursula, Ill. Andrew Joyner Too Many Elephants in This House (Viking Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
  • Harris, Christine, Ill. Ann James It’s a Miroocool! (Little Hare Books, Hardie Grant Egmont)
  • Walker, Anna Peggy (Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia)

Picture Book Short List 2013 (Intended for an audience ranging from birth to 18 years range (Some books may be for mature readers).

  • Brooks, Ron, Text. Julie Hunt The Coat Allen & Unwin
  • Goodman, Vivienne, Text. Margaret Wild Tanglewood Omnibus Books – Scholastic Australia
  • Gordon, Gus Herman and Rosie Viking Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
  • Lester, Alison Sophie Scott Goes South Viking Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
  • Mullins, Patricia, Text. Glenda Millard Lightning Jack Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia
  • Wilson, Mark Text. Jackie French A Day to Remember Angus & Robertson, Harper Collins

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books Short list 2013  Intended for an audience ranging from birth to 18 years. (Some books may be for mature readers).

  • Cheng, Christopher & Jackson, Mark Python Walker Books, Australia
  • Kerin, Jackie, Ill. Gouldthorpe, Peter Lyrebird! A True Story Museum Victoria
  • Murray, Kirsty Topsy-turvy World: How Australian Animals Puzzled Early Explorers National Library of Australia
  • Queensland Art Gallery Portrait of Spain for Kids Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art
  • Weidenbach, Kristin, Ill. Ide, Timothy Tom the Outback Mailman Lothian Children’s Books, Hachette Australia

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