Two unusual alphabets and using them with classes.

Alphabet using GoogleMaps

I was looking for typography and different letters of the alphabet when I found these two (amongst others) via Pinterest. One particular board I like is Typography / Calligraphy.

Pinterest has become quite a resource for me when I want some images and it does not let me down often. I have to be very disciplined so as not to get too engrossed in what I find there as time gets away.

The first alphabet here is Google Maps Typography by Rhett Dashwood.

It is amazing that people find so many different ways to make use of Google maps.

For several months in 2008 and  2009 Rhett spent time searching Google Maps. He was looking for  land formations or buildings that resembled letter forms.  The place were limited to those within the state of Victoria, Australia. Go to his page and find the placemarks and links to all of the “letters” used except for “y”

I liked the idea and thought that the idea could be adapted for students to use as a class activity in geography. They could do it the way Rhett did, picking a particular area and searching.They could also try to find the alphabet in their local area/suburb. They could give map co-ordinates so that others could find the “letter”. It would be a great way to get to know an area. They could also go out and search their area, finding letters and then locate them on the map.

The second alphabet offered another way to catch the interest of students and test their knowledge. I have found some good Harry Potter alphabets and posters but this one makes you think about all the characters and their traits to find the answers.

The Harry Potter Alphabet on Buzzfeed and although it is not the only Harry Potter alphabet, it tests you. How well do you know the characters in the series? The letters give a clue. I am sure the students could come up with alphabets for the books they enjoy. I must think further about this idea – may be a good book week activity or take the place of a traditional book report.

Harry Potter alphabet


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