Using iconic space images in Book Week

Iconic images are all around us, so much so that they don’t register on our consciousness a lot of the time.
This thought was on my mind and formed the basis of another of our Book week activities.
There are many famous space shots and many, especially on the NASA website, are in the public domain and free to be used.
During one of the lunchtimes in book week we ran a competition that asked students to think of a caption for a Famous Space Shot. Below are 5 of the images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We printed and laminated a total of ten A3 sized images (with each being numbered) and put them up on boards in the library

It was really interesting to see how engaged the students were as they focussed on each of the photos and really thought about what they were seeing. The students were given sticky notes on which to write their comments and put them onto the relevant image. Some had ideas for all of the photos and others just the one image caught their imagination. Below is a shot of one of the boards with some of the caption ideas.

Famous photo captions 03

This activity was very popular with the senior students and we had some very witty comments. We will create a new copy of the images, with the  winning captions added, and have them laminated for the students as part of their prize.

We are looking at what generators will suit each image. We may use comic life or one of the tools saved into my Diigo list.

We decided to do this in a low-tech way because we thought it would be quickest and easiest way to run the activity over a lunchtime break. It also allowed all students to see what their peers were thinking. There were a lot of laughs as well as appreciation for some of the better ideas.


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