Digital Citizenship: Your choices

Many times the decisions that you need to make to be a good digital citizen are logical and invlove using some common sense and good manners. However it can be easy to forget or overlook some simple steps hen in a hurry so having prompts/posters/images around to remind us about our rights and responsibilities.

The image below is from the  Anethical Island site. It has many of the components of digital citizenship covered. It would be a great resource to use in the classroom or the library to introduce and/or remind them about the many aspects of digital citizenship. Each component/bos is worthy of discussion from a variety of directions: What does each component mean to the reader? How does it apply to each person? What ones apply now? What behaviours need to change/be altered?  and so on.

Put the poster up and have the conversations with your students and your colleagues

An Ethical Island

The more our students are online, the more information they will encounter.

It is important for them not only be able to access this information, but also to be the best digital citizens that they can be.

Here are some ideas. I am sure there are lots and lots more.


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