Useful links

  • MonkeyLearn – Word Cloud MonkeyLearn is a new tool for creating word clouds from text that you supply and it allows you customize the display of your word clouds before you download them as PNG files. MonkeyLearn can also be used to extract a keyword from a document. You can also use it to analyze the sentiment of a document.

  • Wheel of Names | Random name picker Wheel of Names is a free random name picker website. There are many random name pickers available on the web but this one offer a bit more then most because it not only lets you enter names, it lets you upload images to be chosen at random. Wheel of Names also lets you create a free account that you can use to save a series of wheels. That option could be helpful if you have multiple classes and don’t want to enter names whenever you need to pick a name at random.
  • Keep Calm and Posters Generator, Maker For Free – Easy tool to use to create your own posters

Remote learning is here

Over the past few weeks we have all been on a steep learning curve to prepare for the remote teaching of our students. Although we have been using technology for many years and we also have  a learning management system where I have added all my lesson planes and resources for the past 2-3 years, it has always run parallel to the in class learning and teaching. In most of my classes the students are encouraged to share ideas and collaborate with each other. So, along with my input, they gain so much more from the sharing ideas and working through problems and issues together.

There are many wonderful resources available (more have been opened up to help us through this time) but I am trying to think about how they can maintain/create the very important learning (and social) connections that enrich learning. Over the next few weeks I think I will be using tools (many that I have  been using) in new and different ways.

I will reflect on how they worked here so I can try to work out what works best in helping my students learn.

Below is a video from a post on the CoolCatTeacher blog by Vicki Davis. that is worth watching.