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Twitter Commandments

I went to see the wonderful work that our VCE arts students have created this year in our end-of-year exhibition and ended up talking about Twitter with one of our IT guys at school. We were discussing a number of ideas and in particular why so many people who should know better get caught out by thinking that they are somehow having private conversations when they tweet. I went back to my office and found that Joyce Valenza has scooped up this image from Flickr. I had to download it and will use it as a poster with some classes in the next few weeks. There have been other lists that talk about “The 10 commandments” but I like this one. The authors are not dogmatic and but suggest that the Twittersphere should be about respect, tolerance and freedom.

In case you want to know what they are:
  1. Thou shalt not patronize others
  2. Thou shalt not debate sectarians
  3. Thou shalt respect the freedom pf speech
  4. Thou shalt not applaud sexist, racist,homophobic and other discriminatory statements
  5. Thou shalt not demand answers to your queries
  6. Thou shalt not demand RTs
  7. Thou shalt not judge others’ Twitter style
  8. Thou shalt not copy other people’s contents
  9. Thou shalt not spam
  10. Thou shalt not spread rumours

Curation – some words and a video from Joyce Valenza

I have been reading about curation in articles for a while and at a SLAV conference this year Joyce Valenza certainly challenged all of us to get on board. I also follow Joyce on Twitter and as a feed to my google page. So I was not surprised to read that she has created a new video to help explain curation and, as she is want to do, in the form a musical – very humorous. She, in collaboration with her students, has created some great parodies. This one is called Curation the musical!

Curation (song parody) from Joyce Valenza on Vimeo.

If you want to see more about curation she also has a slide presentation here. She makes some great points and explains curation very well in this presentation so it is a great starting point for teacher librarians interested in assisting their students. 

A quote from one of the slides:

Curation comes up when search stops working. But it’s more than a human-powered filter. Curation comes up when people realize that it isn’t just about information seeking, it’s also about synchronizing a community . Part of the reason that human curation is so critical is simply the vast number of people who are now making and sharing media. Everyone is a media outlet. Clay Shirky (NYU Professor, blogger, author)

And some more:

We can no longer be content to train students to understand the difference between peer- reviewed journals and popular magazines, to appreciate the value of books, newspapers and reference sources, and to understand how to evaluate garden variety Web sites. We are on the cusp of profound changes in the scholarly process. The evolving nature of publishing, scholarly conversation and peer review is rich fodder for our students. This makes the work of forward-thinking instruction librarians challenging, but not impossible. These librarians can, among other things: Make students aware of the emergence of social scholarship. Teach students about Authority 3.0 – or whatever you want to call it. Alert them to the expanding world of scholarly communication. In conjunction with this, abandon of the notion that there is a clear distinction between traditional peer-reviewed authority and authority derived from social scholarship.

And a final quote:

So what is curation? The selection and assembly of a focused group of resources into a web-based presentation that meets an identified purpose or need and has meaning for a specific audience. Resources can include traditional library resources, links, instruction, artifacts, widgets, media, ebooks , personal commentary, analysis, more!

Corporate maths

This provided me with a laugh as I was looking up business management information. The corporate world (office) broken down mathematically.

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Three men at dusting books Digital ID: 1153325. New York Public Library

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