Artabase – finding out about the art world


Just a quick post tonight. I have been having a quick look at the Artabase site (found via the Creative Commons Australia site).

Artabase is a beta social networking site for artists, galleries and art lovers, creating a ‘one stop shop’ for news of exhibitions and events.

The Artabase site allows you to see what events are coming to your area by choosing states or regions for whatever (or whoever) and to view works by different artists in many fields, including photographers, painters, ‘videopoets,’ multimedia practitioners to name a few. There are community discussions that cover topics such as on-line arts resources and new gallery spaces. The blog keeps up wth news and reviews. The site included, in 2008:

  • 1170 Registered Users
  • 463 Exhibitions
  • 366 Artists
  • 157 Galleries

The art site also uses creative commons licenses for a percentage of the works featured.

Artabase announced its decision to allow images to be licensed under Creative Commonsin October 2007. According to Rebecca Cannon, Director of the site, approximately 12% of the images uploaded to Artabase to date have a Creative Commons licensed image. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike is the most common licence chosen.

Artists benefit by being able to create a free profile and list their exhibitions in the calendar, which then remain in our archive for perpetuity. It worth having a look through if you have students who are looking for inspiration or examples of the many different approaches to art. It was easy to add a widget to my photoblog so that I get information visually and without have to go to the site all the time.

Copyright: Public Domain S.C.Jeltema 2006 Italy

Copyright: Public Domain S.C.Jeltema 2006 Italy