Street Art – Berlin

In the past few years many of our students develop a great interest in street art/graffiti/urban art and artists such as Banksy are studied intently. There is some amazing and vibrant art found in the streets, although I can’t stand tagging, which is an eye-sore and a pain in the neck.  The Dark Roasted Blend site had some interesting examples of street art here.

From the Culture Now site I received some information about a new source for urban art. Adidas recently decided to sponsor the Urban Art Guide. It uses iPhone applications to identify places where you can find interesting/unusual/famous street art in the city of Berlin. On the 20th of March the Urban Art Guide will be launched. It looks to be a really interesting addition to the art resources.

The YouTube trailer gives you just a taste and looks really interesting. The idea behind the experiment is not new and similar experiments have been discussed in various blogs, etc. This is yet another way to grab the attention of our students, to make art accessible and show that it can be/is part of their everyday lives. There are very few of our students who do not have a phone with the ability to take photos and most would believe that they too could be part of such an art “museum”  

Berlin’s rough cityscape is marked by urban art. Paintings, graffiti, stencils, paste-ups, stickers. Berlin is a city where both national and international artists go wild. This iPhone application allows its users to discover urban art where it takes place – the streets, hidden backyards, in hallways, behind fences or in remote places. You can search your local environment for art work, go on suggested tours or scroll the mobile gallery to see another side of Berlin. The Urban Art Guide editorial staff will constantly update the site. Users can interact with the guide: If the user explores new works of Berlin’s street art himself, he can send his suggestions to the editorial staff directly via his iPhone. Furthermore all pictures can be rated, commented and recommended to others. In addition to the iPhone application, the Urban Art Guide website goes beyond Berlin’s scene by featuring pictures of international art works, artist portraits and interviews as well as event and book recommendations. adidas Originals offers the Urban Art Guide for free download for the iTunes store from March 20th forward.