Book Week Activity: What is that book title?

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Looking for ideas about book week activities I came across one I thought would be fun to set as a quiz. There are a few places to go if you are looking for ideas for book week but two very good sites I like for Book Week ideas are Susan Stephenson’s Book Chook blog and the Book Week for Beginners wiki.  There are all sorts of ideas and things that could be reworked for many libraries or classes.

One idea I liked was  playing around with titles and over the last few days I have had a go. I came up with the following that I will test with staff (and students). They will be able to see the list of CBCA titles (I think I will combine the 2013 and 2014 lists to make them look a little more. I will add a few other well-known titles for staff to try as well.

I have listed my new titles below and will put up this list on my reading wiki along with the answers after Book Week. Can you guess them? I see this activity as one that could be used with students at anytime. There could be many variations on the basic idea.

From the CBCA Short list, 2014

Fabricated stories for uneducated young females

Seasonal regulations

Achromatic fasteners

Unbelievable present

Welcome famous skipper

Notably less than whole

Interplanetary experiences

From 2013 short list

Small change for authoritarian

Majestic offspring

A venerable 24 hours

 Well known novels

Habitation of predatory carnivore (historical fiction)

Young magus deals with miscegentic potentate (fantasy)

Avocation for hereditary seat (fantasy)

Polar Radiance (fantasy)

Liberation money (Australian life)

Traveller, outfitter, warrior, provocateur (mystery)

Entirely me (Australian prize winning novel)

Using iconic space images in Book Week

Iconic images are all around us, so much so that they don’t register on our consciousness a lot of the time.
This thought was on my mind and formed the basis of another of our Book week activities.
There are many famous space shots and many, especially on the NASA website, are in the public domain and free to be used.
During one of the lunchtimes in book week we ran a competition that asked students to think of a caption for a Famous Space Shot. Below are 5 of the images.

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We printed and laminated a total of ten A3 sized images (with each being numbered) and put them up on boards in the library

It was really interesting to see how engaged the students were as they focussed on each of the photos and really thought about what they were seeing. The students were given sticky notes on which to write their comments and put them onto the relevant image. Some had ideas for all of the photos and others just the one image caught their imagination. Below is a shot of one of the boards with some of the caption ideas.

Famous photo captions 03

This activity was very popular with the senior students and we had some very witty comments. We will create a new copy of the images, with the  winning captions added, and have them laminated for the students as part of their prize.

We are looking at what generators will suit each image. We may use comic life or one of the tools saved into my Diigo list.

We decided to do this in a low-tech way because we thought it would be quickest and easiest way to run the activity over a lunchtime break. It also allowed all students to see what their peers were thinking. There were a lot of laughs as well as appreciation for some of the better ideas.

Book week activity – Book Spine Poetry

We have organised a number of activities for book week this year. Over the past few weeks we have worked with the photography teacher to produce Book Spine Poetry.

One year 10 class and three year 7 classes spent a period in the library looking around the books – fiction and non-fiction – aas well as using the catalogue to put together their verses.

I thought it was a great way to get our boys to look closely at our collection and, in some cases,  they went to shelves they had never looked at before. They also spent time calling up titles in the catalogue and then trying to find them on the shelf. All the time learning about how to find things in the library without realising it.


After talking about the task and showing the boys some examples, they all became totally engrossed in the task. To begin I had collected some titles I thought would make good starting points on trolleys and they used them to get ideas for a story line they wanted to follow. After that the ideas came thick and fast.  The year 7 students really surprised me. Working in pairs, they came up with a lot of “stories” they wanted to tell and found book titles to match. For 75 minutes they were totally engrossed in finding titles. Most of the year 7 boys put created 4-5 book spine verses. The year 10 students took longer to get the stories together and probably were trying for more complexity with their  verses.

The photography teacher used the session to teach the boys how to use the SLR cameras and the year 10 students had to produce clear close-up photos without any flaring due to a flash hitting the book covers.

The competition was open this week for to all students to enter a photo of their poetry onto our library intranet space. After Friday we will print out the photos and display them (as well as making sure everyone knows where the digital copies are) so the college community can have a vote on the ones they like best as well as a panel (including some of our English teachers for a more critical view)

I have put a few of the early examples onto my pinterest board

National Year of Reading celebrations in our library.

It has been busy this week – first week of term 4 with senior students are getting ready for exams and we intend to do another big stock take to keep the library resources relevant to the curriculum. We still have time to celebrate however.

After school yesterday we had an afternoon tea for all the students who entered our NYR Film It! and Snap it! competitions and in particular the winners of all the competitions, our own Whitefriars NYR Ambassadors and the boys who completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and our own Whitefriars Reading Challenge (read between 10-14 books).

It was wonderful to see so many parents and siblings come along to celebrate with the Whitefriars boys.

Many really loved the photographs that were on display. They liked seeing the photographs professionally printed and framed. You can see a slide show of the photos the boys entered on our library blog.

We also had a screening of all the  book and reading trailers. Young and old alike became engrossed in short films created by the boys and played on our large television screen.

We  gave book prizes out to the PRC and Whitefriars Challenge boys as well as the NYR Ambassadors and the Guess It! winners.

The boys were given the opportunity to choose their book prize. We then put a book plate into each one and created matching certificates.

We offered a kindle as first prize for the Film It! competition and gift cards for the runner’s up.

The Snap It! competition’s major prize was a 12″ digital photoframe and a package made up with a packet of some very good quality photographic paper, mounts and artist’s sketch pad for the runner’s up

Yesterday afternoon the principal congratulated each boy and handed him the certificate and the book or his prize.


We are very lucky to have a very talented library technician who creates all our superb certificates adn book plates, Each of the Reading Ambassadors had a different image on their certificate and we had a special certificate and prize for one of our senior students who has spoorted all our activities over the past 6 years at school

Full set of images here

Book Week 2012 activities and NYR

We are combining our Book Week celebrations this year with the National Year of Reading activities.

The first event was held on Monday. The lunchtime session called “Battle of the Books” involved teachers and a senior student at our school. Each had 5 minutes to convince the audience that their favourite book was the best and that we should all read it. Each speaker was absolutely passionate about their book. Some reading skills, props, cajoling and questions were just some of the tactics used. It is generally said there can be only one winner and, yes, there was one book voted as the officially declared winner and that was The Passage by Justin Cronin. The other books presented to the audience were The Bet by Anton Chekov, Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Each one of the titles had plenty of support and all books will be picked up and read by more of our students after the Monday’s event so everyone of them is really a winner.

Two of our National Year of Reading competitions are finishing up with the voting phase during Book Week.

We ran a photography competition, through term 2 up until last Friday, called Snap It!

You can see a slide show of the photos the boys entered on our library blog. We asked students to enter photographs that celebrated reading; in all aspects including reading in unusual places. This meant that some used their creativity and Photoshop skills to create some very unusual shots. We have them as part of our display this week as well as on the computers around the library as screen savers and on the big television screen.

The photos have created quite a talking point with the other students since being put on display and we are encouraging all to vote for the people’s choice award. One of them, a panoramic view of the library will be used as our banner photo on our intranet, so already a win for us with that one. We will be able to use of these photos to promote reading in the future as I am very proud of the efforts of all the boys. I must also mention our wonderful photography teacher Alison Agnew, who has supported our efforts and encouraged the boys to take on the task. I know many of the boys appreciate her skill in teaching them how to “see” and observe things as well as the more manual photographic skills.

The other competition that finishes with a voting component is the Film It! competition.

This competition involved students creating short videos that again celebrated books and reading. We had boys enter book trailers and some specific videos about reading. To give the boys some ideas we ran some of the internet videos, that celebrated reading and books, during lunchtimes throughout term 2. We also regularly show book trailers. Our own student videos have been running each day during lunchtime during Book Week with voting taking place both in the library and on-line via our intranet. Many year 8 students created book trailers and I have posted about our classroom processes before  with information about it, and a marking rubric for teachers, also on my reading wiki