Images of Space – A new opportunity from NASA

If you are interested in Space exploration then there is a great new site to go to. NASA, in partnership with the Internet Archive, has launched a new website. It combines many collections of images to produce this  wonderful accumulation of all things to do with Space. 

In the lower half of the screen there is a Spaceflight Timeline that has overlapping pop-ups to illustrate the various stages of exploration over the years. Click on these pop-ups find further images on the topic

You can use keywords to search or click on to any one of the images above the timeline, eg. Earth and you are taken to a page containing a huge array of images concerning the Earth. 

You can narrow down your search from here or view all the images. Position the cursor over the image and you get information about the photograph or you can open the image. From this you get a full description of the image you are looking at. The images can be printed, downloaded, embedded or shared. This is a great resource for students and staff alike

There are more than 140,000 images on the portal and each one is fascinating. It would be very easy to spend a lot of time “lost in space”. (Sorry I’m a Sci-Fi fan as well)