Diigo: Why I use it.

diigoI have been meaning to write a post about Diigo for a while. I have used a number of social bookmarking sites. I use Diigo and Delicious all the time and have also used Google bookmarks and to a lesser degree StumbleUpon and tried Furl for a while.

Delicious and Diigo are the two I used almost every day. I have linked Diigo to Delicious and so whenever I save something in Diigo it automatically goes into my Delicious account as well. I started using Delicious long before Diigo and so I had a lot of links and have also built up my network of other Delicious users. Delicious is very simple to use and get started. A lot of people have begun to use Delicious and I like to see what other people are bookmarking and to search via group keywords.

So why do I use Diigo?   Continue reading

StumbleUpon: a social networking search engine

StumbleUpon is an interesting concept that I have been having a look at for a few months. Although some people label it as a social bookmarking tool, I think that I would call it a social networked tool. It is a search engine that allows you to search websites that other people have put up as interesting, useful, good, etc. and for them to find websites that you have found.

StumbleUpon allows you to:

  • find new websites, photos and videos on the web, via stumbling (reviewing “what’s new”)
  • tag and archive your favourites (although after discussing it with a colleague, we think that the tagging is not as efficient as it could be and doesn’t allow you the many options that del.icio.us and diigo allow).
  • share with people of similar interests

There is a “getting started” guide for new users.

It is free to join and once you have you should download the tool bar.

You can then:

  • locate any friends already on-line
  • update your profile, with the “preference” tab to edit any personal information you want to share, change the colour scheme, add photos and links to your web page or blog. By providing StumbleUpon with your interests (adding to your topics list) you will help them to match your interests.
  • start stumbling. Click on the SU (stumble) icon in your toolbar. If you like a page you like, you simply click the thumbs up icon, and if you don’t, press the thumbs down.
  • you can send any pages you find to friends and you can receive pages from friends (There is a message sent to your in-box)

It is more visual than the other bookmarking tools, although not as good in that role. The more people using it, and the more you use StumbleUpon, the better the results of your searches. It also seems to be good for design sites. Below is a screen snapshot of basic page you get to today .