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Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Using the Sharetabs tool

I have been using a very simple little tool lately. I found it by accident on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog post about creating scavenger hunts. It is called ShareTabs – Share your links as tabs. It allows you to add a list of any links you may find when you are searching for information and submit it to get a single link to them all, ready for use. Last year I looked at Rollyofor creating a group of sites that students could search on particular topics, using their internet search skills. This site is for the times you are not concentrating on the searching skills but the skills of understanding/analysis/synthesis. sharetabs

 Share Tabs could be great way to save time with your classes. Rather than waiting for your students to find appropriate sites to begin their learning activity, you can find the best/most useful sites for your students ahead of time, copy the URL’s into the Sharetabs box and you will get one URLwhere all your links will be displayed. An example a sharetabs page that I created is a page for the poetry of WWI (for the year 10 teachers and students) who are studying the novel “All quiet on the Western Front” next term.


As can be seen it is very visual, displaying a thumbnail of the website link on the preview page, but also has tabs to open the links you specify, ready for classroom use. The students simply navigate between the tabs, at the top of the Sharetabs page, for the sites you have selected.  

This could also be simple and useful for sharing sites with other colleagues. It would make it very easy to share a collection of sites via Email,  Twitter, IM or SMS.