2009 from the Big Picture

 As the school year has closes here in Australia, we are looking back at the year 2009. Pictorial records are great and one site that I have always found interesting to look at is The Big Picture (Boston Globe), news stories in photographs.  The editors have begun to look back at 2009 in pictures.  This post is one of 3 dedicated to telling history of 2009 through pictures. There are some great shots, from humorous to poignant, breathtaking to “normal’ but from a particular point-of-view, frightening to reassuring. There will be 120 images in total over the three posts.

The year 2009 is now coming to a close, and it’s time to take a look back over the past 12 months through photographs. Historic elections were held in Iran, India and the United States, some wars wound down while others escalated, China turned 60, and the Berlin Wall was remembered 20 years after it came down. Each photo tells its own tale, weaving together into the larger story of 2009. This is a multi-entry story, 120 photographs over three days. Please watch for part 2 and part 3 tomorrow and the next day.

Another Big Picture highlight is the Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar 2009. The Hubble Telescope images are added to each day. It is well worth taking a look at these amazing photographs and reading the paragraph of explanation about each. If you become fascinated you can also go back to the Hubble Advent Calendar 2008 via a link on the page.

From NASAImages - BigPicture

There are also links from each photograph to more information and to Google sky (to help understand the position of the object in outer space. At the bottom you will find other links to further information: