The Lost Thing (Shaun Tan) – a new animation

From a post on one of the sites I regularly follow/visit, Fiction Focus (CMIS), comes this heads up about another Shaun Tan experience.

…the short film (15 minutes) of Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing has been completed….it will be screened in competition at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June.

This is more great news from our our multi-award winning author and illustrator.

There was a theatre production (puppets) of The Lost thing in 2004 and this current animation project looks to be just as interesting. There is a great website for The Lost Thing. It contains all sorts of things about the book, the official trailer, a gallery of stills and a very impressive loading graphic   and you can also find teacher’s notes for the work as well

I love the way Shaun Tan encourges/invites all sorts of interaction with his works. The play that was adapted from his book The Arrival was wonderful and he also had a theatrical adaptation of  The Red Tree as well as a musical production with the Australian Chamber Orchestra in July 2008.

He has spoken and written about these collaborative processes in very thoughtful and insightful ways. In Sydney last year Shaun Tan gave the Colin Simpson Memorial Lecture and here is spoke about the using illustration as a narrative device.

Shaun Tan is an amazing illustrator and writer but he is also a very articulate man who is not precious about his writing, in fact he is a very generous storyteller and “ideas” person. I have some young aspiring writers and Shaun Tan is one writer I encourage them to follow.

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