Sharing our makerspace ideas

We had a successful meeting the other night where teacher librarians got together to talk about how they are creating maker spaces in their libraries. The ideas and approaches vary widely but they all share the same goal of allowing the students to express their creative side and learn at the same time as enjoying what they are doing.

We were going to run it like a teach meet with very short presentations but a few people had to pull out due to illness so each presentation went a little longer. We also had the opportunity to try out some of the activities spoken about.

The best part of these meetings is the sharing that happens with everyone talking about the approaches they take in their schools. Even when using the same materials, the approaches and resulting student creations can be very different.

My part of the evening included the presentation below.

Pinterest boards:

There are many posts and articles written about makerspaces and (school) libraries. Below in one presentation I like.

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