Photos and Illustrations about learning and teaching with technologies (L3T at FlickR)

I like the idea for this book project “Teaching and Learning with Technologies” They are looking for pictures and illustrations for each chapter.  A Flickr-group was started a while ago where people were asked to upload appropriate pictures under a creative-commons licenses.

The L3T project collect creative commons licensed photos and illustrations about learning and teaching with technologies. The pics are collected to illustrate an innovative text book project, but are free to use for everybody. Please spread the world and contribute to the L3T group at Flickr.

I like th idea because I know students who love to take photos and who have an interesting “eye”.  How much more fun for them to to take photos that might be used for this project. It also provides an opportunity to be part of a group that is contributing photos that they might also want to use. It is easy to become a member and share photos with this community on Technology Enhanced Learning.

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